My mom installing my cement oranges in the backyard. #whereartresides #fossilsoforangecounty

My mom installing my cement oranges in the backyard. #whereartresides #fossilsoforangecounty



i think about this video almost every day and i am so frightened of it



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In Once Upon a Playground, Brenda Biondo photographs vintage playground equipment and pairs them with their original catalog listings.

The result is kind of creepy — I would not want to meet any of these jungle gyms alone in a dark alley.

That said, look at that SPACESHIP PLAYGROUND.


Hey, don’t be harshing on metal merry-go-rounds. Those things were so much fun I’m surprised they were EVER allowed.

— Petra


Photos courtesy of Lawrie Brown 

"Tasting With Our Eyes: Why Bright Blue Chicken Looks So Strange"

There’s something unsettling — freakish, even, about Lawrie Brown’s photos of everyday meals.



This makes me want to cry.

Same here, buddy. Same here.

Me and my chickens at work!!! 

City heartbeat line.

City heartbeat line.


I’m half asleep but my head keeps spinning and my eyes won’t shut so here I am.

I’ve been thinking a lot about where I am, where I’ve been and where I want to end up at. Pretty much…life. I’ve always had this issue of what and who I want to end up as. An artist, a mother, a teacher, a friend. I mean, yes you can simultaneously be all of these things (and hopefully I will), but ultimately the fact of economics is hindering my ability to become whole, the feeling of whole, the feeling of self sustainability. 

I visited Otis a couple times in the past few weeks and it was honestly the freshest breath of fresh air. It was a language that I am capable of speaking, a language that I can fully understand and a culture that wholly identify with. I need to be a maker. It would be a dream, a wonderful fulfilling life to become an artist, an art educator, and children’s book writer.

But there is a part of me that wants to be in a classroom, that wants to be up on that stage to perform meaningful lessons of life, of academics, of wonder. I’ve already invested in going to get my credential, it would be another two to three year process, another several thousand dollars. And part of me is terrified. Terrified of getting eaten by the school system, getting gauged out by mundane living. 

Currently, I’m looking into taking a ceramic class at the community college for the summer to help build up my art practice and skills. I would take pre-req classes for the credential program in the Fall if I continue on this teacher route or I would be working and build up my portfolio this year. I need to make a decision by 24th birthday (one month from now) so I’ll be ready to submit all applications and/or portfolios by the November 30th deadline to be enrolled Fall 2015.

Sometimes there is no definition of where you want to go. You just have to point your arrow and shoot for the best.  

I need these.


Art majors frequently are indeed good at art.

Me everyday at work. -_-


Art majors frequently are indeed good at art.

Me everyday at work. -_-


If you’re having a rough day, just remember that we live in a world where yarn-bombing exists.